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10 Rules for the safe use of of Knives

1. Keep knives out of reach of vulnerable individuals. Preferably locked up.
2. Always keep knives sharp.
3. Use a chopping board and cut on a solid surface.
4. Do not put excessive pressure on a knife.
5. Use the right knife suitable for the job and for what you are cutting.
6. Always concentrate on the task in hand.
7. Use protective equipment such as cut-proof gloves and coated aprons.
8. Always carry a knife with the blade pointing downwards.
9. Never try to catch a knife you have dropped.
10. Handle knives carefully when washing up.

The KnifeLock® approach to Knife safety.

You Have the Key.

Latch and lock your knives away. Only your unique set of keys will unlock the block.
Either keep the block unlocked while cooking, or engage it and still be able to replace.

Patented Sprung Steel Locking System.

The KnifeLock® offers a unique means of protecting your knives with a patented,
sprung steel auto latching system which lets you replace knives while the system is

1. KnifeLock® Locks knives away in a solid wood block with a unique key.
2. KnifeLock® Allows the user to reinsert knives into a locked block after cleaning.
3. KnifeLock ® Offers an inexpensive sharpener to maintain sharp blades.
4. KnifeLock® Has a designed index finger notch to control the pressure applied to Knives.
5. KnifeLock® Has 5 knives to suit necessary operations in the Kitchen.
6. KnifeLock® Offers protection cut-proof gloves and coated aprons to protect users.

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